If you are a club member and would like to volunteer to help with parties, trips, bus trips... please contact our CASTA President. 

Victoria Vattimo






The first KLISTER, that I found was listed as “Vol. 1, Nov 2 - Dec”, so I would assume that the first KLISTER (Newsletter) was November 1978 and that was the beginning of CASTA. ~Kathy Gizzi 11/25/2012


Listed below are the Officers names and places of the meetings since the very beginning:

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1979 - 2016








0FFICERS:  2017 - 2018


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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE       October 2017


Hi everyone!

 I hope you all have been well and enjoyed the spring/summer/early fall. We are once again entering “ski season” and I hope you are all excited. Over the past several months, we have offered several opportunities to get together in the off-season with whitewater rafting, a picnic get-together and hiking. Thank you to everyone who helped plan these events and to those who attended. Our planning committee will need your input for future
Also, thank you to everyone who supported the Capital Region Nordic Alliance gala. It is certainly a worthwhile endeavor and a unique opportunity for CASTA and our membership.
I look forward to an enjoyable, productive and
“snowy” ski season and hope you will join us in the various opportunities CASTA will afford its members.  As always, please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions on how to make CASTA more inclusive and enjoyable for all members.

Best, Vicki



Sunshine Chairperson


If you know a member of our club who could use a little cheering up, our sympathy, or a get well card, please contact:  Joan Isbister  



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Bus Trip Scheduler - Fred Adriance


Saturday Bus Trip Passenger Coordinators:





Please contact the Bus Trip Coordinators if you would like to be added to their list as a member or as a guest.  Thanks!